Datafoxi “IT Security 365 +” combines all your company’s IT security solutions.

Datafox has launched the IT Security 365+ service on the Estonian market in cooperation with the international IT security solutions producer Sophos, which offers customers the possibility to use service-based IT security solutions (Software-as-a-Service principle) as a monthly charged service according to volumes actually used.

The IT Security 365+ service is based on the central cloud platform of Sophos (Sophos Central, which enables customers to manage and monitor the services. Datafox offer support for the service, though the whole concept from planning / initial configuration to everyday administration can also be ordered from Datafox as a full service.

The service selection of IT Security 365+ offers a wide spectrum from the present Sophos security solution product range.

IT Security


  • Central Mobile Security
    security solution for Android mobile phones:

    antimalware, PUA detection, low reputation app detection, rootkit detection, rooting detection, web protection, user management, devices, multiple security policies, AD sync, security status, mobile security report.

  • Firewall solutions

    a physical or virtual firewall according to the throughput requirement of the customer's environment and the service requirement profile (Enterprise Guard, Full Guard, Full Guard Plus - Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection, Enhanced Support and Sandstorm)

    Physical or virtual firewall? According to the customer's environment and the resulting throughput and service requirement profile

  • Central Email Standard
    comprehensive e-mail protection:

    Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Sophos Central - End User Portal, Quarantine, Active Directory User Sync, DKIM/SPF, integration with O365.

  • Central Intercept X

    unique Sophos ransomware protection that includes GryptoGuard anti-ransomware protection, Root Cause Analytics monitoring solution and Sophos Clean enhanced malware removal.

  • Central Web Gateway Advanced
    secure web traffic agent:

    Antimalware, web filtering, SSL scanning, keyword scanning (DLP), reporting and real-time logging.

  • Central Device Encryption

    Sophos native encrypting solution of workstation, supported platforms Windows/Mac

  • Central Endpoint Standard/Advanced

    depending on the package, the workstation solutions include: Data malware scanning for Windows/OSX/Linux environments, appropriate protection, malicious data traffic identification, web protection for Windows/OSX environments, inspection of downloadable files, malware removal, hardware inspection, behavioural analysis/HIPS for Windows environment, web check, application check.

  • Central Server Protection Standard/Advanced

    depending on the package, the solutions include Antimalware, Live Protection, Automatic Exclusions, Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Server Application Whitelisting (lockdown), Web control, Peripheral (Device) control, Application control, Download Reputation.

  • Central Mobile Control Standard (MDM)

    management tool for mobile appliances (mobile phones, tablet computers) on the iOS/Android platforms.



Solution prices depend on the specific package chosen and the number of users. The principle of more users = a more favourable price applies.

Pricing example:

For a company with approximately 50 users wishing to implement more popular Sophos solutions such as the workstation protection solution Central Endpoint Standard, MDM solution for mobile phone and tablet computer administration, encryption solution and anti-ransomware protection intercept X, the price is formed as below:


    per user / month


    per user / month


    per user / month


    per user / month

Ask for a quotation and we will offer you a consistent solution according to your needs!


Raido Vahi
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