Teenindusjuht, KAFO OÜ

The challenge for KAFO IT has so far been jobs with varying profiles. All the users do not need a whole Office package or specific software. Selection of the Office 365 monthly purchase model, offered by our IT partner Datafox, gave us just that flexibility to meet the rapidly changing needs. We will pick the necessary services to use according to necessity and we will pay only for the used days.

Oliver Ahlberg

Chief Operating Officer, Skeleton Technologies

Office 365 has grown along with our company. Our IT jobs have very, very different profiles, and today are located all over the world. Secure access to corporate data must be guaranteed regardless of the user's device, time and location. Office 365 cloud services are of great help to us at this point by enabling promptly to introduce changes related to the number of users or changes within work processes. In doing so we will pay only for what we actually use.

Tarvo Lindma

Vandeadvokaat, Supremia

The law firm Supremia aims to provide our clients high quality legal services. It is very important for us and our clients that the IT in our bureau is operational and that the customer data is kept secure. Therefore, it is suitable for us, and we use the 365 web office solution, which corresponds to the world's leading security standards and the technical architecture is fully guaranteed by the service provider.