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Contact centers

The organization of customer service submits new demands for communication solutions. As a rule, it is sufficient to use the innovaphone IP switching functionality to organize call management. In the case of especially complex solutions or if it is necessary to service emails and chat sessions with phone calls with in the same system, it is possible to run a special contact center software. Zendesk is a partner of Datafox regarding professional contact centers

IP telephone systems

Innovaphone phone system offered by Datafox are known for their reliability and are extremely simple in terms of architecture and energy saving. Despite the apparent simplicity even the most demanding wishes will be solved.
Innovaphone phone systems is perfectly suited to all, who prefer an own PBX system for a cloud service, regardless the size of the company.
Logically uniform solutions, which surpass national borders, demand high availability, are duplicated and positioned in various locations, can be implemented extremely easily and cost-effectively.
The solution can also include a wireless DECT-, WiFi or software phone in a computer or a smart device in addition to a classical IP desk phone.
The same platform can also be used to run a full-featured Unified Communications solution to allow the monitoring of the status information, chat, video, and conference solutions in addition to the plentiful phone functionality.
The possibilities are further complemented through the WebRTC technology and integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Dynamics, and Office 365 solutions.

Call recording

Call recording is often a necessary function in office and on mobile phones.

It is possible to:

  • Record desk, computer and mobile phones
  • Record all the calls continuously
  • Record calls randomly
  • Record calls according to a “on demand” principle
  • Recording of the so-called "threat calls” (the decision to save will be made retroactively at the end of the call)

It is not always necessary to replace the existing phone system completely for the implementation of call recording.

Mobile integration

None of the communication platforms or solutions is complete without the involvement of mobile devices. Datafox offers solutions which allow the use of smart phones and tablets equally with desk phones.

With a smart device it is possible to:

  • Monitor status information and manage your own status;
  • Find clients from the contact database;
  • In addition to the ordinary phone calls perform the so called "peer-to-peer” calls and use call recording;
  • Applications are available for Android and iOS platforms.

Unified Communications

The communication necessities must be reviewed in a broader sense when modernizing phone solutions and it is worth to launch a unified solution that allows communication within all common communication channels. There are many so-called "chat programs”, but none of them allows to couple phone communication nor considers the use of phone when showing status information.

innovaphone UC platform possibilities:

  • Monitoring the status information of the UC client, phone and Outlook;
  • Synchronization of status information from Exchange calendar;
  • Chat with one or multiple persons simultaneously;
  • Desk or mobile phone "management" from your computer, or use of a software based phone from the computer;
  • Peer-to-peer and „common“ phone calls;
  • Video call;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Conference calls, including video and screen sharing;
  • Very easy integration to CRM and other applications;
  • WebRTC - all of the above through a Web browser without the installation of any software on your computer using any operating system;
  • WebRTC applications on the website.

Conference solutions

Simple solutions for collaboration are nowadays crucial. Phone conference needs to have a possibility to easily add video and content, in other words it needs a screen sharing possibility. Datafox offers communications solutions allowing everything of that. Up to 30 conference callers both inside and outside the company can participate. The latter can join through a common phone call or as a full member using WebRTC possibilities in a browser. Call recording can also be used for conference calls just like for ordinary telephone call between two people.



It’s even cooler than Skype! :)

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology launched by Google that allows you to communicate through a web browser via both audio and video without any additional programs installed on your computer.

Innovaphone communications technology offered by Datafox supports WebRTC. This makes it possible to:

  • Use every possibility of Unified Communications through a web browser, i.e. calls, video, chat, presence, conferencing.
  • Install "call me" buttons/links directly to the website to enable customers to contact the specified numbers as an audio or a video call and / or start a chat session.

Cloud services

The cloud service enables the use of all the solutions with minimum investments at any given time exactly on a necessary scale and functionality.

Furthermore in addition to the financial aspect it is increasingly more important to use every possibility over the internet everywhere, when the employees of the company are more mobile and not just sitting in the office. It is incomparably easier to ensure through the use of cloud services, rather than opening up the company's internal network resources for public use. The best examples are probably calls through a mobile application and WebRTC solutions.

All connections over the internet to use the services are secure and the data exchange is encrypted. Logically, each customer’s solution is separated from another. 

Datafox’s technology partner for cloud services is innovaphone.


Exchange, Office 365 and Dynamics integrations

Communication solution has to be a logical part of the company's entire IT structure. Additional value can be created through integrations. Simpler solutions do not require almost any integration or development, but are incredibly easy to implement.

For example it is possible to:

  • Integrate Exchange calendar data into a united status information;
  • Monitor status information also from Outlook in addition to every other solution;
  • Click and call from Outlook, Dynamics or another database;
  • Customer identification upon receiving a call and opening of the responsive customer data automatically.

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