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Managed Services

Datafox management services are aimed at a variety of organizations regardless of their field of activity.

We manage the organizations IT infrastructure while taking a personal approach and considering its needs and wishes. The support services include everything starting from computer workstation support up to data facilities.

Computer workstation management service

Computer workstation support service is designed for organizations of all sizes, where the end user IT support is ordered from an external service provider. The service is popular with both, organizations lacking local IT competence and organizations with a local IT manager/specialist who receives end user support from Datafox. This allows for the local IT manager/specialist to focus on the implementation strategic IT goals to achieve maximum support for the working processes in an organization.

Some examples of services included in a computer workstation support service:

- First level help desk for end users, including:

  • Registration of incidents through phone and e-mail
  • Problem solving regarding first level user
  • Forwarding of incidents to third parties upon necessity

- Proactive monitoring of workstations / devices to prevent possible incidents, including:

  • Submitting propositions for improvements regarding devices and workstations

- Visits from specialists to solve local problems on the spot

- Administration of security patches and updates for workstation computers

- Management of smart devices and administration of security policies

- Renewal and updating of documentation necessary for IT support services

- Monthly reports of the works and changes carried out along with recommendations for improvement for the IT systems

- Regular implementation of development suggestions to improve the IT experience for the end user

- Readiness to renew the job based software and hardware

- Communication with third parties (for example different software developers)

Server management services

Server management services are mainly complementary to computer workstation support, but may exist as a totally separate service. In case of this service, Datafox is given full responsibility to ensure the server service availability level.

Some examples of the maintained server services:

  • Active Directory authentications;
  • File servers and document management systems;
  • Database systems (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgeSQL);
  • ERP solutions (NAV, AX);
  • Email and group work (for example in an Office365/Exchange server);
  • Platform services: Windows Server, Linux;
  • Virtualization platforms VMWare ESX, MS Hyper-V.

Some examples of services included in a computer workstation support service:

  • Second level help desk for customers IT support through phone and email;
  • Monitoring service regarding availability of the physical resources of the servers, virtualization platform and server services.
  • Management and monitoring of server security patches and updates;
  • Responding to reports of monitoring and fault removal according to the agreed service levels (SLA);
  • Renewal and updating of documentation necessary for support services
  • Implementation of development proposals to improve the availability of systems.

Cloud services management

Traditional server services are increasingly moving to the cloud. This means that the the physical environment, hardware and platforms required for the service are provided by a public service provider (Microsoft, Amazon etc.), but the administrative services are organized by Datafox.

Some examples of possible administrative services in the cloud:

  • Planning and budgeting;
  • Information security and business continuity planning;
  • Deploying services;
  • Integration of services with local services (for example hybrid identity);
  • Service availability monitoring;
  • Technical support for services (support levels I and II);
  • Technical communication with cloud service providers;
  • Veeam Microsoft 365 backup service.

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Support administrator service

The most popular service from Datafox mainly due to a particularly cost-effective price. Designed especially for organizations with a local IT expertise, where according to the agreed principles of response exists a possibility to always use help from a Datafox specialist for additional confidence. Common use cases where additional support may be needed:

  • Additional assistance for large-scale works or solving incidents;
  • Additional support for the organization's IT administrator regarding issues, which are not reasonable or possible to deal with on your own (virtual infrastructure, data backup management, etc.);
  • Organization of IT support in a situation where the organization's IT specialist is away (vacation, business, etc.);
  • This is based on the principle that two heads are better than one. :)

ITaaS - IT as a Service

Construction of a highly available IT infrastructure is generally costly and is worthwhile only for larger organizations. The best solution hereby are previously ready services - cloud services. Today it is no longer a question of whether to move to the cloud, but using which services and how to do it wisely and securely. The local IT infrastructure is step-by-step upgraded with various public cloud services. Modern reality is a wisely managed group of IT services - a hybrid cloud.

Additional information about Datafox cloud services!

Cloud service - Datafox Cloud 

Datafox Cloud cloud services are intended for organizations which lack the necessity and possibility to have an IT infrastructure. Customers can choose a server service according to their own requirements: performance, data amounts, data protection, operating system, etc.

Datafox Cloud servers physical hosting environment is located in the Estonian best known high class server room, which is secured through an uninterrupted power supply through the use of UPS and generators, the room has a stable temperature control and a level of humidity, and is equipped with gaseous fire suppression, etc. The server room is secure and complies with the requirements of the security class ISKE "H”. Possible services within Datafox Cloud cloud services:

  • Physical hosting of servers;
  • Virtual servers as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS);
  • Development platforms as a service;
  • Hosting for specific software;
  • Communication platforms (Unified Communications);
  • Backup location for data;
  • Integration with public cloud services (Office365, Azure, AWS).

All the offered server services are realized through ahighly available infrastructure using VMWare and/or Hyper-V platform.

Unified Communications

Two points must be considered upon modernization of communication solutions:

  • Solve all needs in a complex manner, perhaps create one solution for all communication channels (audio, video, chat, presence, conferencing, collaboration).
  • All services should be equally available through both, the company's intranet and internet.

Unified Communication solution as a cloud service. offered by Datafox and based on the innovaphone technology, is ideally suited to comply with both conditions.

Public cloud services

Datafox is an official partner of world’s leading cloud service providers Microsoft and Amazon.

Some examples of possible cloud services:

  • Virtual servers as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS);
  • Development platforms as a service;
  • Special software as a service (ERP, business analysis);
  • Backup location for data;
  • Development platforms as a service;
  • Office365 cloud office service;
  • Mobile device management;
  • Hybrid identity.

IT management

IT management is aimed in particular at organizations with no local IT competence or cases with a wish to upgrade it in regard to a specific topic (for example data security or availability arrangement).

Some examples of IT management services:

- Implementation of an IT strategy and alignment with the strategic goals of the organization.

- Organization of the IT management service;

  • Organization of the computer workstation, server and business application management service;
  • Technical communication with various IT partners;

- IT budgeting and control of the intended use of the budget;

- IT project management;

- IT hardware, software and services procurements and supervision;

- Information security and business continuity planning and organization;

- Cost analysis of IT services and operations.

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